About Me

Hi, I'm Colyn Brown. With 20 years of web development and design experience and 5 years specializing in frontend architecture and product development, I have helped numerous businesses, large and small, to not only look their best and provide the best user experience to their customers but to also modernize and bootstrap their development processes in a way that allows them to easily scale. I prefer working with product and customer driven organizations, those that are passionate about solving problems and creating solutions that bring a lot of value to their customers. I specialize in Javascript and the necessary tools for building modern web applications such as webpack, browserify, es6, reactjs, and vuejs. I am currently Senior UI Architect at ForSaleByOwner.com and part-time consultant with my business, Infront Labs, LLC.
Hey, need one-on-one help with an Open Source project? I started Open Hours for Open Source, where I devote an hour every week helping out the open source community, for FREE.